Goodbye's All We've Got Left - Steve Earle

I could tell it when i woke up this mornin'
'cause i can smell it when a heartache's comin'
Not that i'm in such a hurry to lose you
I'd call you up but there's nothin' that i can do
Talkin' won't do any good anyway
'cause goodbye's all we've got left to say

I don't think that it'll get any better
So maybe you could just write me a letter
And i could open it up when i'm stronger
Another ten or twelve years, maybe longer
Guess i just don't feel much like bad news today
Goodbye's all we've got left to say

Don't try to call me 'cause i'm takin' my phone out
'cause if it rings, i'll know what it's about
And don't you worry 'bout me 'cause i'm alright
Maybe you'll run into me somewhere, some night
And if you do just keep goin' your way
Goodbye's all we've got left to say

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