I Don't Want to Lose You Yet - Steve Earle

Baby it's a cold hard world out there
Broken hearted people everywhere
Takin' whatever love they get
I don't wanna wind up like that, so

Baby throw your arms around my neck
Lay your pretty head against my chest
Listen to one heartbeat then the next
'cause baby i don't wanna lose you yet

You know i love you and i know you love me
It's everything that love's supposed to be
But i don't wanna look up one day
And find out we let it slip away


Can't tell you nothin' 'bout love i guess
That you don't already know
But girl, when you're in my arms like this
I don't ever wanna let you go

Baby maybe i'm wrong but what it i'm right
And everything's depending on us tonight
Maybe we'll pass this way again
But honey i don't wanna wait 'til then, so


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