The Week of Living Dangerously - Steve Earle

I got out of work and i headed for the neighborhood beer joint
I sat around and had a beer with the boys like i always do
Well i didn't have nothin' to say anyway there ain't no point
There's just something 'bout a monday that always makes me blue

Well it was well after dark so i knew my wife and kids were waitin'
And i guess i took a left where i generally take a right
Well i filled her up with gas, checked the oil at the texaco station
I threw the car seat in the dumpster and headed off into the night

There's somethin' 'bout a monday that always makes me blue

Well i headed south on 35 hell bent for vinyl
I hadn't never had her up past 55 before
Well somethin' 'bout that little red line always looked so final
Buddy you'd be surprised how fast a chevrolet truck can go

* now, down in mexico they've got a little place called boystown
Where a man's still a man if you know what i'm talkin' about
Well, i walked into the cadillac bar and i laid my cash down
I said "there's plenty more where that came from" and the lights went out

* (this verse is not included on the official lyrics sheet, but is included on the recording)

Well i woke up in a county jail 'cross the line in laredo
With a headache and a deputy staring at me through the door
Well he said "now how you got across that river alive, i don't know
But your wife just made your bail so now you're really dead for sure"

Now my wife, she called my boss and cried so i got my job back
And the boys down at the plant, they whisper and stare at me
Yea well my wife can find a lot of little jobs to keep me on the right track
Well, but that's a small price to pay for a week of living dangerously

That's a small price to pay for a week of living dangerously

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