Concerto - Swollen Members

No fabric can protect you from the magic I let loose I'm fantasia on acid let the phantom possess you

Crush submarines to dust

[Hook: Madchild]
Who can't feel me inside you can't tell me real men don't cry
Let's not pretend in the end we don't die I hope when I grow up they send me up high
And we won't give up the fight I follow the light and stay up all night
In the end we all die I hope when I go they send me up high

My life to live life without my girl life f_cked so I hide from the outside world
I'm stuck in this place and I just can't help it planned my escape, but I still seek shelter
You must have felt that I'm self abusive lied to myself and I make no excuses
When I'm by myself I can change what the truth is so I stay inside that's why I'm seclusive
Lots of movies boxes of popcorn big bag of weed nice girls in my hot tub
I'm deep into this hibernation look into the mirror like please be patient
Write with the vest on it's kind of intense dangers probably walking on the other side of my fence
Something pointed at the door I'm going out of my head one of the ways to look at life is that we all ready dead
One of our brothers got killed that's the first saint gone hopefully the last and we all stay strong
Young veteran bonded by friendship honor and vengeance we armed for protection

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