Remember The Name - Swollen Members

The Crew's Thick (Swollen)
The Pak is phat (Swollen)
The Beatz are bad (Swollen)
Look at that see that ass (Swollen)
Pump pump pump pump it up, But don't turn us down!
New sh_t (Swollen)
New sheriff's in town.

[Mad Child]
I'm about to show you somethin' brand new.
I ain't frontin' but there ain't nothin' I can't do.
Listen man I'm tellin' ya you can too.
Man you got no idea what the heck it took to get me here.
I'm talkin' big hockey bags dragged back and forth.
Bring it down south and get more from back up north.
So I can stack up more, no matter attack with force.
26 inch rims, Cadillac of course.
Now that I'm single this sh_t takes practice.
Everyday a new attractive actress on my mattress.
Stress relief I'm a basket case.
Gimme a six pack breast implants and a plastic face.
Ass bangin' with them stupid thighs.
I like my girls petite and super-sized.
I got love man that sh_ts real.
I just got to take a few more laps around the field.


[Moka Only]
You about to know me in a big way.
It's Moka O the name that all the kids say.
Hey I hope you know the game is in for a change.
You love me cuz I'm always known to spit strange.
They get strange with it plus I get change.
Enough to cop the H-2 in the range.
Playa' I don't hate you or the game.
Y'all hate ya self because you play the same.
I'm being f_cked around, it's time to change the rules up.
Y'all can still move your ass we got the new stuff.
It's evidence on the track, you know the crew (what?)
Swollen were super extra like a new truck.
The 26 inch spinners that don't rub.
Makin all the jaws drop outside the clubs.
I know you wanna sing along do it up.
But you gotta spread the word tell 'em who you love.


The crew is called Swollen.
Remember the name.
The heat that we holdin'.
The Members spit flames.

Yo', It's unfair to put us in the same class.
Before the ice melts I drain the whole glass.
Ahhhh, Nothing but fumes are left.
I'm often half cocked talkin' under my breath.
Girls in the bathroom perfume on the chest.
So when they walk thru the club (damn she fresh).
They shift off the wall like zero-gravity.
We hit you all we don't spare no casualities.
Glasses clink, asses shake.
Some chick wearing pink rocking boots made of snake.
Cop this disk and tell the disk jock.
To let this rock to the two on his wrist watch.
There's a new sheriff in town.
Don't make my pistol whistle like sweet Georgia brown.
We got this song stuck in your ear.
With the sound so original there's nothing to clear.


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