Don't Know Why - Swollen Members

I don?t know when the time will be
Which side of me whom you might see
Be careful what you ask for
That?s no lie sometimes we Just don?t know why

[Moka Only]
Why do I do it like I do
How come I don?t get in trouble like I use to
Why am I the last thing a girl understands
I?m just like the rest tryin to get inside her pants
Why don?t I go and blow half the enhance
Buy a couple cars in my mom?s minivan
How come all I wanna do is make beats
And eat like a pig eatin anything with cheese
How come I don?t talk about MC?s
I don?t talk about much anyway see
There ain?t a lot to say when you said it all before
So im gonna let the homey?s come
And tell you about some more

[Chorus x2]

Yo, We need no introductions mention the relentless
Why does my foe compare to those swing wrenches
Why do I believe that you control your own destiny
Why wreck like psyclonlum my voice tone a sympathy
Grind down the bones separate the Ligaments
Why do I demonstrate how you could die from ignorance
Its like drifting thru the twilight zone
Im?ma highlight the parts that I think you should be shown
Why you wanna know how darkness feels
I split your carcass in two parts like you aint real
I?m beyond that?s the law just in grandest scale
You?re my target my hand is steady as hell
I?m prevail on scales like betoveen
The mike in my hand conducts the same ocean
Why do I slice precise like Jack the ripper
Trip around dressed in black and slash you quicker

[Chorus x2]

How come I don?t use soap I sit in the bath cup of coffee
Have a couple smokes I don?t know any jokes
All though I heard a ton of them I can?t member none of them
How come ever time I hang out with my friends
I make fun of them hate the way I act when I?m drunk
But I drink insensitive invent the tension
I don?t think you couldn?t bench press my stress this sh_t weighs a ton
You couldn?t shock me with a taser gun
Nothing surprise me my whole tribes lively
I got anger and confusion standing right beside me
That?s why when I?m alone at home I?m not lonely
Please do not drop by do not phone me
Might be crazy but at least I?m not home
How come I don?t follow trends got my own visions
How come I don?t try and talk to myself I wont listen,
Why have I absorb this morbid war torpid
I can?t let go of this pain torture torment
As sure I?m as mirror less none conformance
Love God but raise hell with the hot performance

[Chorus x2]

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