Front Street - Swollen Members

The induction of Paris green leaves
What you see with no seams or so it seems
And as it stands it seems that I never land
I sight by laser beam float inches above the sand
Birds prey exit larger than the point of entry
The son to father colossal no mathematical gentry
They sent me without weaponry forced to forge my own Infiltrate fortune five watch them clone their own
I've been blown out of proportion or so it's been discussed
I blow out physical portions and walk from settled dust
Bring fear to your factory watch your edge crush
Attendance to his session breaks parameters set
Until the audience agrees the medics should be sent


[Mad Child]
I'm a bad man
baseball battin' your brains like Bam-Bam
Ask me if I give a damn
Never that I'm putting mc's on front street
My techniques complete when I compete
I'm knocking this one straight out the box so take a seat Getting rich I focus on strength and never switch
Plus I'm throwing lyrical flames here's the pitch
You could end up in a ditch that's already been dug
I came up with crazy kids plus got love from thugs
I'm pulling your plug flat line when you attack mine
I'm up front when most kids they play the backline
Life is real you know how I feel
Even when just taking a walk I got a weapon concealed
For protection you can't get with this connection
With no direction I'm free form flexin'
Watch your back I do my thing without a question

Now that I'm fully assembled
I'm not likely to be resembled
Be humbled instead of pummeled by the hands that supply The slugs to load runners
I prevail wonder he the heavy gunner
Dropping from cloud cover
Some who write blood letters are truly bad men
it's in my best interest to keep them on the other end
Align the hands of the clock at ten to ten
Study in depth the jagged walk of prevail as wind

[Mad Child]
My sentiments exactly watch me react
You better take a step back or that head will get cracked
Wide open now it's Mad Child your scoping
I'm hoping to make a couple of mill
Cause once I flip it's rest in peace I kill
I feast at will, a beast that's been branded
I fire at random and you can't stand it
Cause once I start swinging these fists I'm heavy handed

yo we throwing heat puttin' mc's on front street
turn the volume up a notch we pump beats
for throwing heat putting mc's on front street
you try to front and get your head lumped from jump street

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