Steppin Thru - Swollen Members

[Chorus - Moka Only:]
You all can do what you all want to do just know
that we're doin' it the way you want to do,
rockin' you just watch how your sh_t get blown back,
I know you wish that you could do it too.
People think that they can't do it like Swollen,
the Members do it like you never knew.
Gettin' it by the grip thats the way we roll it,
You better move it when we're steppin' through.

[Mad Child]
I'm the first and conversed and person street stalker.
Off my rocker, a red bull and vodka.
Provocatively, walkin' like you talkin' to me,
branded outlandish, triple deck and stress sandwich.
It's an ambush, turn no pad to canvas,
ain't it an art words paintin' worth paintin' my heart.
New York to LA, Younge Street to Robson,
we get the job done and rob with tribeslum.

Live and effect, graze the edge of the metal, grace day,
game face, first place the rebel.
In the cage with the lions, engage with the giants, starts September,
Red October preps the Cobra.
I coil the sun, snake oil I drum, stick grease up my grill you all I'm formula one.
Crack a hole in your helmet, your bucket, your pail,
Moka, Mad Child, Kemo, Prevail.

[Chorus - Moka Only]

You feel me as if I wasn't part of you (if I wasn't part of you),
if you really doin' what you wanna do (doin' what you wanna do),
if you see how Moka only get it done (get it done),
Swollen get it lock never sweat it none.
Jump in the air, hands in the air, put 'em up,
girls shake it down, girls shake it down, wind it up.
Come through your town, come through your town, tear it up,
once you all keep down, you all stayin' down, raise the love.

[Mad Child]
Don't be shocked we made it,
Mad Child rocks the greatest, when I'm intoxicated,
got sh_t locked we waited.
Invaded and stayed at the fact with tactics activated,
can't hate it you played that track attacks infatuated.
Fatal attraction won't stop 'till I'm platinum,
wam bam gonna flatten 'em, gonna baseball batt'n 'em.
Quick draw McGraw, wrap assault rifle,
go blind when you look into the mind of a psycho.

We're the main attraction boy, you're just a side show,
evolve and try to glow in the class don't try to hide bro.
We spin the vinyl from the Beat Junkie to Sonar*,
the curb to the club heavy hittin' like a crowbar.
No scars, no bruises, no cuts or bumps,
those are signs of effects how did you come up chump?
Through the back door, this is a brand new route,
we'll blow the speaker throw the mike stand and grab the dance floor.

[Chorus - Moka Only x2]

[* Beat Junkie and Sonar were two clubs in Toronto and Montreal where Swollen Members used to play live when they were coming up.]

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