Swamp Water - Swollen Members feat Phil da Agony, Planet Asia, DJ Revolution

[Mad Child:]
Calculated cold blooded killer
A methodical animal of the dusk
I'll blow the planet to dust
Hell boy acid drenched
Dead lift danger
Born with horns fight it
I'm the misguided angel
Touched by tradgedy
I defy gravity
Brutal cruel and dark
So beautifulfy remarkable
Angry Smirf
Man I'll kill these giants
Outnumbered, out flanked
Yet still we triumph
Hell's comming for breakfast
The end has come
You ain't a gangsta
You ain't even friends with one
Got your chain got your watch
Tryin to act hard
I'm at my house raking leaves in my backyard
Baby venom spit flame
Eat lightning and throw thunder
You could feel my pain
I'm the hurricane hunter
Madchild's the barbarian bent on revenge
Shatter the skulls of doomed warriors

[Phil Da Agony:]
Ink in the bark
Sharks come circle your block
Thirsty n_ggas off the jerky and pot
Workin' the slots
45 minutes to Vegas
We got the old school tan capsules
With the brown cap Vegas
Sega Genesis my Xbox extra hard drive
F_ck around and catch a fat lip
Like the Pharcyde
Trigger side we on the hammer side
Ya'll on the other side
We the type of guys
Pride will get you all f_cked up
Stuck in a ditch
Swole up, reaching for ice
Son of a b_tch
The more we smoke
The higher we get
Ya'll should retire
Cause I'ma spit fire
Whenever I'm lit
Sh_t happens clean up your act
The nicest
Meanest n_ggas you know
Getttin' that scratch
Hittin' it from the back
Chicks get they tits fixed
Strong arm steady
Phil Da Ag we the sh_t b_tch

[Planet Asia:]
Rowdy n_ggas throw out bows to this
Snow cone wrist rap independent rap cats
Rollin' in with big straps
And you ain't nothing but a faker
My empire we settin' fires
To your acres
Now notify the cake makers
Celebrate holidays of self hatred
Controllers of the matrix
Crack conspirators
C_caine distributors
King of my chamber my language is imperial
Stereo burials body up you karaoke ass
Cats with certified ASCAP material
Them old gangster spirituals is for the Gs and soldiers
Practicing my scare tactics
Keeps MC's in yoga
Just like I keep a bad b_tch
Between the sheets up on me
Boss like Tony Montana soprano
Asiatic Black with the attitude of Italians
My 9-5 is talent
100% stylin'
All violent

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