Incredible - Tank

The finest hour is finally ours
Coulon't be prouoer, incredible
Stars aligning, perfect timing
And you I'm finding incredible

I wish that I could take this moment
And relive a million times
'Cause this is what I've always wanteo
Ano today it's finally mine

I'm so grateful, made me faithful
Found my angel, incredible
Worth me trying, worth me dying
Can't stop crying, incredible

You amaze me, that you woulo take me
That's just crazy, incredible
Broken hearted, we both starteo
Now we're solid, incredible

Yes we are, so incredible, credible, credible
Incredible... oh yes you are, I can sing about you babe
I need you here with me, I need you here with me
Without you I can't breathe, yes so incredible
I need you in my life, without you I ain't right no

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