Wedding Song - Tank

I just wanna sing my song,
When I met you,
You was like that perfect girl,
Thought I never find that in my ghetto world,
You never question my job,
You never toe up my rent,
You never spend up my money,
You never scuffed up my chin,
But one year later I don't know who you be,
And I can't take the way you be mistreating me,
Now you don't cook no more,
Now you go through my phone,
Now you spend up my money,
Now you fuss all day long

This is my wedding song (thon thon thonthon thon thon thonthon),
If you fell me sing along you all,
If I had known what I know what I know what I know right now,
Things would be different now,
And I wouldn't be standing here singing in my wedding song (thon thon thonthon thon thon thonthon),
We'll be somewhere getting it on,
And we still be freaking each other, I still be friends with your mother,
Somehow it all went wrong,
And now I'm standing here singing in my wedding song (thon thon thonthon thon thon thonthon)

Girl you tripping how you gone say I done change,
With that big ass wedding ring,
Maybe I'm not always home,
Maybe I leave up the seat,
Maybe I don't always listen,
Maybe I snore when I sleep,
But I still loved you even with your attitude,
And I still loved you thats why I took care of you,
Baby I gave you two kids,
Baby I bought you this house,
Baby I changed up your life,
Remember I kicked what's a name out


For better or for worse thats what the preacher said but I didn't think it'd get this bad,
And I know I said I do,
But I'll be damn if I grow old with you,
And you said you never change but you did as soon as I gave you my last name,
Girl I can't believe there's no more you and me,
Except there's but just so it gotta be baby


Thon thon thonthon thon thon thonthon thon thon thonthont
[repeat till end of song]

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