Maybe I Deserve - Tank

Maybe I deserve to wonder who's calling so d*** late. For you to say I'm trippin just a homie from up state. Don't he know it's one o'clock in morning. You say it's cool baby it ain't cool.

Maybe I deserve for you to go out and find some other guy. Maybe I deserve for you to stay out with him all night. Maybe I deserve for you to do all the things I did to you. Maybe I deserve, Maybe I deserve..

Repeat 2x's

For you to put on a sexy dress and for me to ask you who the hell you trying to impress? For you to laugh it off like it ain't nothing, I know it's something maybe just maybe for me to sit at home and wonder where you are is he kissing you, touching you, holding you, what? Take a drink to help ease my mind I wanna be mad after all those times.

(chorus 2x's)

For me to ask you where you been? For you to say I better stop trippin. To grab your neck until you let me know for you to run crying out the door. OH! To grab my coat and chase you down the street to say it's not you it's my own insecurity yea for you to say yes I cheated on you. I don't care after all I put you through maybe I deserve, serve, girl to be mistreated sometime to even be lied to sometime, maybe just maybe.

(chorus until fade)

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