F.I.L.A - The-Dream feat TI

she a fast life liver with a ass like a stripper
in a relationship with a s_cka ass n_gga
so I get her and i give her what she want hard
i beat it up so good she be like oh god
sex better than she imagined see that p_ssy through them panties
got my d_ck rock hard like medusa look at it
expensive tastes and lavish habits lifestyle fancy
but she cant love two n_ggas at the same time can she?

you the sh_t i couldnt leave you alone
lil mama i just wanna give you what you want
you need somebody up in your life
that can hold you all through the motherf_ckin night
after the sex after the show
ill be the one that love you the most
be my lady ill never make you cry
and i promise imma love you long time

you should see shorty from the back
aint never seen a girl like that
she said she had a man but i had to pursue her
he aint never there so she let me do her
now im all up on her like
now she all up on me like
then she took my hand and after that she said
i just wanna fall in love
c-can you make me fall in love again

girl you got me droppin stacks on your car
to the max on ya

now let me take ya over those hands
and ill make sure you always be in demand
ill buy the house ill be the furniture
he just playin with it, but i aint frontin ya
whatever you want ill be there
imma make you my baby
no more chasin love in the club
you will be the only one im thinkin of

one day i ran into this cutie pretty toes huge booty
diamond on her ring finger still she tryin to throw it to me
see now shawty got a man and i know it but she goin hard
licking her lips at me poppin b_ttons just to show her bra
initially my first mind say no sir
fastforward two weeks in my suite and you see me on her
how we got here is just a blur i say she dont care
leavin me to go be with him i say she wont dare
that we late in a euphoric state after 3 or 4 its late
her phone ringin off that chain she just hit ignore and say
"right now this all that matter thatll have to wait"
i say "girl he gon whoop your ass"
she say "thats one ill have to take"

i promise you will be everything I need and more
i promise you will be the only thing that i adore
girl i promise imma get it right
i promise baby with all my might
i promise imma do everything that i can to stay true
because i know it in my heart that nobody deserves it like you

you know what she said
i just wanna
i-i just wanna
i just wanna
i-i just wanna fall in love again
mr. yeah

slow this sh_t down
sl-sl-slow this sh_t down
i know how to work it right
i know how to work it right

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