My Love - The-Dream feat Mariah Carey

Radio Killa
did a song with the American Dream
They can't put it down like this, no no no no
On my baby, she my shorty
Oh, we rockin
They gotta trip all up on their breath
They hate on us

Now who's right there every time you cry
Go to sleep and wake up on your side
Endless love I always provide
They hatin' on us and you should no why
But who's been lovin' you lately
Who's willing to go half on the baby
Who, who, who's trying to flag our ship
They just tryin' to get the love you give
But baby,

Tell me what they know about my love (my love) [x8]

[Mariah Carey:]
So they don't understand why I'll never leave you
Explain my love, I don't need to
Got everybody way up in our business
Cuz lovin' each other stay on they wish list
I see them reachin' every time you call me baby
They on my back like a shirt, get off me baby
They don't love me, let 'em wonder why
Here to stay and they going bye bye
Who's the one calling you baby
Who's in love with your ass like crazy
Who, who, who's tryna flag our ship
Just tryna get the love u give baby

Tell me what they know about my love (my love) [x8]

Girl, my love is your love
There ain't nothing in this world that they can do to make me give you up, (ooh ooh baby)
You will always be my girl
So let them do whatever, say whatever
Cuz I ain't givin her up

Tell me what they know about my love (my love) [x8]

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