February Love - The-Dream

Come and walk me to the car I gonna see you from here to there cant help but stare give me some insight,
No bullsh_t, a real conversation, put me in your block I'm moving in I would love to be love snaper,
If you dont mind I dont mind do anything for just a fraction of your love,
And I know this may sound stalkerish, but its because you are the sh_t, alright,
If I'm attention be my center, if you're spring and summer if, you're fall on winter,
Speaking of winter be my February love love love my love be my February love love love,
Give me your love give me your heart, promise we'll never be apart,
I know you used to make a n_gga say oooooo, promise that will always be together,
Take a picture ill buy the frame, let me change your car then change your name,
You are my destiny child now lets make us a destiny child, girl rock with me I'm stuck with curiosity,
I'm positive that we are ment to be dont let them spoil you with negativity,
See we are ment to be for one baby come and step in to my side before the cold takes it away,
Come and be my February love love love girl be my February love love love,
Felt them in the driveway sittin on the courtside shawty I aint new to this you better get used to this,
30 foot cellings life style appiling, check my 09' taxes I made appealing,
Haters gonna kill it real n_ggas feel it, dreaming on apearence, they musta got a feeling,
Ha he so silly, dont mean to be rude but some of these n_ggas aint got you,
Falling off fallow me girl these n_ggas so scandalist,
These comedian sh_t dont stand up these break up before holidays as n_ggas,
These Bentleys pretending as n_ggas,
Hell yea I already told you n_ggas you're moda f_cking haterz especially when yall lying about n_gga
Motha f_cking paper he poppin champaign oh my God bet your mans all up on the TV screen,
Dont own your clothes hell naw she aint got more money than me just help me understand
Help me conprehend matter of fact dont tell me sh_t she know you're full of it its all I can say
Shes pulling me away stay out my way they like my February love love love
She was my February love love love

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