Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde - The Lonely Island feat Rihanna

Yeaahh, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
We at it again, everybody now
Hands in the air, its a stick up, stick up
no funny business or you get lit up, lit up
You test I (I), you gon' die (die)
And at your funeral ya mama gon' cry
So customers kiss the floor, floor
And clerks open cash drawers slow, slow
If you don???t wanna end up dead
You???ll do everything Shy Ronnie says
Tell ???em, Ronnie!

(Ronnie murmers)

No one in the bank can hear you
Shy Ronnie, use your outside voice
We don???t have time for this
Let???s go

So stay on the ground its a stick up, stick up
Your wallets and jewels we'll pick up, pick up
Unload the cash (cash), move your ass (ass)
We getting??? money, tell ???em Shy Ronnie

(Ronnie murmers)

Please, please use your words
Just imagine that everyone's naked
Uh, oh!
Boner alert. He really pictured them naked.
The police are on their way
(come out with your hands up)
good luck, Shy Ronnie
Bye, bye!


Ronnie motherf_cker and I'm back from the dead,
Brain bored with the murder, so I shot my own leg
Don't get the name twisted, cause I???m crazy as sh_t
I hung a giant ass noose off my giant ass d_ck--

Aye! I forgot this money
And also this guy
Come on, we're gonna have sex

And you can hang from it
Cause you don???t wanna see my real gun
Shots to the sky but your face sound real fun!

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