Between The End and Where We Lie - Thrice

Is this everything, I've dreamed of so much more
between the end and where we lie
here all hopes and dreams are scavenged from the floor
and fed into machines that feed on vacant eyes
all of my dreams, always find me
far beyond these fake fluorescent skies
I know there must be something more, if I could only find the door
then I could free myself and see the world outside

where daylight breaks on you and shines into the
grey that sleeps beneath your skull
daylight breaks on you and burns away the
grey that suffocates your soul

for now I hold a key, and though I may be lost
I know that I will find my way
I search endlessly but every time I've thought
that I was near the smoke and mirrors lead me astray
see the pit boss, steal each tick tock
time it seems will suffer at our hands
I look for exits in the haze, the dense electric twilight maze
I've heard that there is one that leads to sunlit lands

daylight, they tell me that it's just a myth
they try to betray me with a kiss
daylight, they tell me that it can't exist
they might never know just what they missed as

daylight pours fire into my grey eyes
pour grace into my grey life
breaks in and lights the way
I can't live without the day

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