Hold Fast Hope - Thrice

How can you be sleeping, waves like weapons crash
over us, cry for mercy and hold fast hope

who of us is cursed, or do we have to ask
search your souls and hold fast
if no one speaks a word, then let the lots be cast
truth be told and hold fast

white death wakes in black skies, mark your maker's wrath
fear and flames of azure climb the crooked the mast
you will yet be baptized, steeped in shattered glass
sink and sing your answer and hold fast hope

as strong arms grip your shoulders like dead hands of the past
pray as you're tossed over, this breath could be your last

quiet and cold, silent and slow
night black as coal, miles here below

find your faith and dive deep, through living gateways pass
lined with death and ivory, and hold fast, hold fast

deep beneath the black dawn, leagues from lightning's flash
ribs will raise cathedrals for the morning mass
steel yourself in sackcloth, roll your heart in ash
scrape your skin with steel wool and hold fast hope
cross your heart and hold fast hope

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