Bone - Tim Booth

From small beginnings rise the redwood

To oversee 2000 years

From her vantage, we?re all insects

From her stillness, we?re all on speed

Though each is different in its motion

There?s perfection in the seed

What is going down?

One man lives, one man dies

One forgives, one gets crucified

Life just takes you to the bone

One is faithful, one is not

One gets high upon the cross

Life just takes you to the bone

One born rich, one born poor

Life?s a b_tch and I?m her whore

Life just takes you to the bone

In the big picture

Amongst humans

There?s such detail, light and shade

All the ranges of confusion

I?m with the fat man

Life is change

What is going down?

What you doing with that body?

It?s just borrowed

You confuse yourself, you confuse yourself

You?re not mind

You?re not thought

You?re not flesh

It?s not yours

Take your foot off the gas

There?s a human being in here

That?s beside yourself

There?s a spirit in here

You?re beside yourself

Slow down, reach out, I guess

One just prays to be in love

The other one kills in the name of God

Life just takes you to the bone

One makes bombs in Palestine

Nothing to lose except his life

Just takes you to the bone

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