Careful What Ya Say - Tim Booth

Words are just signs, not the situation

Hopes and simple truth is poking through

I can?t stand this separation

Someone?s drawing guns on my cartoons

We?ve been taught how to read the world

But everyone?s got blinkers on

No two people read the same situation

God?s got better things to do

Holidays are full

Sunshine beautiful

Now the day appears

Sunrise beautiful

Summer turns into the fall

Try to understand it all

I?ll become a bum

Someone?s gonna hold you to your words

Winter snows into the spring

Understanding?s not the thing

I?m a dinosaur

Someone?s gonna hold you to your words

I learnt all about nothing in India

Bridging is all I?ll ever know

There?s people living in boxes

Where noone goes or even drives down slow

I wouldn?t even bother to inform you

Of this waste of human beings

Empathy won?t work with reason

Empathy?s just a common feeling

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