How Many More Days - Tom Petty

There is something little darling
That I want you to know
Honey I love you, yeah I need you
Every night, everyday goes so slow
How many more days?
I wanna see you again

Yes, I remember you smiling
I remember you feeling mighty fine
I remember your kiss, I remember your touch
I cant get you out of my mind
Little girl, how many more days?
I need to see you again
How long will that take?
I wanna see you again

Oh babe cant you see? Ill be honest with you
Please dont lie babe, please dont sm ile
Please dont play around with this heart of mine
Cant you see?
Its something I want babe
Its more than that, its something I need
Oh little darling please be truthful, please
Be faithful, please come now to me
Oh baby-- I need to see you again

Please remember, little lover
Ill give the good to you
Please remember, my little lover
Ill be good to you--but how many more days?
till I can see you again--please dont make me wait
I wanna see you again

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