Back Back - Too Short feat Bishop Of Crunk

[12 seconds of background conversation to start]

[Too $hort]
We got a new dance (ay let's see it)
It's called the Back Back (let's see it)
Let's do it baby

Back Back (back back) Back Back (back back)
Back Back (back back) Back Back (back back)

When I walked in the door first thing I saw
Was you drinkin at the bar, doin it all
Dancin like I never seen it done before
You don't need a dance partner on the floor
You just bounce that ass like it's goin out of style
Love the way the music sound, goin hella wild
Another time, another zone
It's like yo' ass got a mind of it's own
It keeps sayin I don't wanna be alone
We need to swap numbers, I'll call you later on
And since I made your favorite song
It's alright tonight, don't do a player wrong
Your booty goes on and on
You could stand still and it won't be long
Before it moves, I love the way your panties shake
I heard your booty got banned in twenty states

[Chorus: Bishop of Crunk] + (Too $hort)
BACK BACK! (Girl you 'bout to hurt somebody)
BACK BACK! (On the dance floor workin the party)
(That Lil' Jon beat got her freakin again)
(That's how her momma used to dance on that Seagram's gin)
BACK BACK! (That booty cain't stop)
BACK BACK! (Can you make it drop?)
(They been shakin like that since the 80's)
(Man they ain't never gon' stop, are you crazy?)

[Too $hort]
Even when you sit in a chair, you still keep bouncin
Put it right here and I will be pouncin
Watch how I slide on up
I might need a saddle, to ride that b_tt
Girl you think it's wide enough?
Can I plug it in the wall, and light it up?
Does it come with an instruction manual?
Can I twist yo' knobs while I touch yo' handles?
Can I see you do it booty b_tt-naked?
Back Back, girl you too wild you gon' break it
Damn! I thought it was mine
But my d_ck belongs to you since you started to grind
I see why they call it a crime
A woman like you is hard to find
The way you twerk that junky, make it funky
Cain't take this from me girl shake that monkey!

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

[Too $hort]
Damn baby, how you move like that?
Is it the music or the way that I do my rap?
I wanna sick my dog, on yo' cat
Cause I love the way you do the Back Back
Just bounce that ass 'til you cain't no mo'
'Til your cheeks start to sag and you can't go low
When your arthritis kicks in at 44
Keep shakin that ass like a hoe
20 years from now she'll still get down
And booty shakin music'll still be around
It's a family tradition, cain't let it die
You saw that ass shake, that's how he met his wife
I'm up all night, me and my whole crew
Don't hate cause it's late when I roll through
In the middle of the night, tryin to get in your mind
I'ma wiggle in tight and I'ma hit from behind
So Back Back! - Whoa, did you see that mayne?
Girl stop playin don't change a thang
Watchin you dance I almost came
The way you shakin that ass is insane
I, cain't believe my eyes
I can see from the rear what's between your thighs
Took two steps back and realized
Yo' ass is a real prize

[Bishop of Crunk]
Back Back!
Let me slap that ass, let me slap that ass
Back Back! {?} yo' ass
Shorty move that sh_t, ass hit like this
Ass so quick make that booty wanna split

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