We Want It - Too Short feat C-Bo

[Too $hort]
Do it again...
We want it all (we want it)...
Everything you got (we want it)

We want the diamonds, the gold, the weed, the hoes
The coke spot and the keys to the Rolls
You out of business, but no need to hang up the sign
We 'bout to open up shop we got thangs to grind
So potnah dude don't come back through
Cause everything we see you with, we gon' want that too
It's the law of the land, the way of the jungle
Gotta watch your f_ckin back when you slangin them bundles
Ain't no love for you on this side
You might have to die so we can get by
You know the dopefiends they got to get high
And if you ask me why, I'll just say it's life
You cain't handle the pressure, when them gangsters test ya
Why they smashin on you man, I think you best ta
Ask yourself, who made this fake hoe rich?
B_tch n_gga, we 'bout to take yo' sh_t cause we want it

[Chorus One: Too $hort]
Everything you got, we want it
(You got it, we want it)
Raise up off the block, we want it
(You got it, we want it)
Leave the shiny whip, we want it
(You got it, we want it)
And your fine b_tch, we want it
(You got it, we want it)

[Too $hort]
Fo' pimps in a Range, choppin up the game
Gotta stop slangin 'caine we need a occupation change
Cause the p_ssy gon' sell like dope
Keep a n_gga paid that's what I tell my hoe
Get that money man, wish y'all had a bunny ranch
Keep my hoe naked, never let her put on her pants
No truss, no pumps, no lingerie
B_tches hoein up that's goin on today
Like I told my pimpin potnah, you know these women gotta
Give me every last dollar, when I see that b_tch tomorrow
This is pimpin incorporated, I'm all the way in this sh_t
Married to the game, now get up out my business b_tch
I'm talkin to some pimps about some pimp sh_t
It's a competition B_TCH, I'm tryin to win this
And I just got another hoe she's fine as hell
I'm tryin to put some mo' trophies on the shelf

[Chorus Two: Too $hort]
Put her picture on the net, we want it
(You got it, we want it)
Give me everything you get, we want it
(You got it, we want it)
Don't make me whup your f_ckin ass, we want it
(You got it, we want it)
You better get about the cash, we want it
(You got it, we want it)

C-Bo is on some gangster sh_t, four-fifth, banger clip
600 stuntin, 21 sittin on them sick
And how I get it dawg the same way I live it dawg
The gutter's grimy I catch 'em slippin and get it all
Take somethin, lay they block down, break somethin
Guerillas with bananas that make 'em lay down they hammers
Do it like the Santanas, rip the block to the slammer
And for the cash I want I'm known to get hot with them clammers
Heyyy, it's the heist for your jewels man
It's plain and simple, your ice or I shoot man
We get the stack of dollars, black Beemer black Impalas
Pull up and take the block, made n_ggaz made the block
I want it I get it I dip it I sit it
Rather it's jackin or pimpin these b_tches, a n_gga wit it
I go hard in the paint, hard large to the bank
At the club 20 grand at the bar on the drank

[Chorus One]

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