I'm a Pimp - Too Short feat 50 Cent, U.G.K.

[50 Cent]
N_gga I need money to maintain, hustlin ain't a game
N_gga that go 'gainst the grain, gon' get to' out the frame
TV's in the Range, I'm into nice thangs
I slang weed, c_caine and hero-ayn
50 Cent that's my name, n_gga I bring the pain
You thought, sh_t stay the same n_gga sh_t gon' change
Put a bullet in your brain, n_gga at close range
Run up with your Roley your rings and your motherf_ckin chain
Haters, you funny mayne, I'm 'bout my money mayne
B_tch get down on that track and get my money I ain't playin
Better understand what I'm sayin when I'm sayin I ain't playin
I'll be in front of yo' crib layin with the mac to start sprayin
Any n_gga that's in the game for the fame gotta be a lame
Crackers'll put you in chains, boxes to drive you insane
Sun cain't shine all the time man it's gotta rain
Now hoe go sell, you better crack the whip mayne

[Bun B]
Well a pimp is a pimp and Bun is comin to get'cha
And if 6 is 9 then I'm 30 thousand dollars richer
Hit your b_tch when she ain't wit'cha, Pryor p_ssy like Richard
Wide open make her forget ya then nut on your picture
Lit your world up like the 4th of July, nobody knew why
Not too fly maybe fo' fly, servin d_ck to make your hoe cry
My n_gga you know I chew ya like a barracuda
Who and what you thought you could do to non-hesitatin game shooters
Blew your spot up, when I left nobody got up
If they did they got shot up left for dead in the parking lot, what?
N_gga you got nuts, put your money where yo' mouth is
I doubt this motherf_cker even know what the South is
All about, startin the clock, ring the bell or somethin
Cause they stuntin, steady frontin, not cuttin, talkin 'bout nuttin
Now what in the f_ck, made them push the b_tton of a mack
Now I'm set to attack, crackin yo' back, just call me Jack cause I'ma rip

When money is no object ("I'm a pimp")
When money is no object ("I'm a pimp")
When money .. when money
When money is no object what you thank, it's a game?
B_tch you will discover ("I'm a pimp")
B_tch you will discover ("I'm a pimp")
B_tch you will dis.. pimpin, b_tch you will dis.. pimpin
B_tch you will discover I'm a pimp and not a lover

[50 Cent]
Aiyyo the b_tch used to bring me dough, used to be yo' bottom hoe
Now yo' paper comin slow, she feel like she had to go
Roll with them rich n_ggaz and ball with them ballers
Politic with them Willies, the real shot callers

[Too $hort]
Yeah 50, yeah I took his hoe
Now he comin 'round here, what he lookin fo'?
He'll never get her back, she chose another mack
His other hoes are whack and that's nothin but a fact
I'm a pimp, I don't love 'em like that
If I ever lose a hoe I get another right back
I'm Too $hort, a real player and a pimp
I ain't seen you in a while, Pimp C tell 'em where you been

[Pimp C]
Been around the world, y'all n_ggaz ain't seen all the sh_t I seen
Yeah I'm good, sittin in the S covered 16
I'm comin through a couple bars {?} lean
600 Benz S Class, know what the f_ck I mean?
A pimper, I stay in shrimp-ah, like Jack Tripper
A candy sweet dipper, playin with cock and s_ckin on nipples
Every day my game get thicker, gettin good head from champagne sippers
Rapper to bird flipper, man a motherf_ckin ripper

[Too $hort]
It's called gangsters to strippers
Murder Mob and the Pack bumpin loud on the speakers
From the A to the Bay, Newport to new graves
I'm breakin these hoes on Too $hort's mixtape
And this ain't even the album
It's just a mixtape, it ain't even out yet
So close your mouth b_tch, turn it up loud it hits
Jazze Pha and Lil Jon I told you all about the sh_t


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