I Wanna Pimp You Hoe - Too Short

[Too $hort]
I wanna pimp you hoe (pimp you hoe)
I'm the only pimp you know (that pimp you know)
Make that money when you go (make that money hoe)
I just wanna spend yo' dough (spend yo' dough)
Give a pimp what I need (what I need)
'Kay, while I puff my weed (while I puff my weed)
Buy you all the stuff I see (all that stuff I see)
You wanna get f_cked by me.. by me..

I know you think I'm crazy, based on how retarded I get
All these pimps on the mic, b_tch I started that sh_t
When Snoop was in elementary, I rapped on hella pimp beats
Keep the rhymes in a big-ass box, that's never empty
In 1981 I said, "B_tch s_ck my d_ck!"
And Freddie B, had the tooth fairy turnin tricks
Befo' Eazy-E, Ice Cube, N.W.A.
I was spittin pimp rhymes, way up in the bay
I grew up in L.A., back in the day mayne
I moved to Oakland, and soaked up that bay game
Mo' bounce to the ounce, we was bumpin Spoonie Gee
Or Grandmaster Flash, Sugarhill to me
In 1982 we had fun in the streets
All they played was Too $hort, and Run-D.M.C. n_gga
And I was rappin X-rated back then
I was just a lil' kid, but a real mack pimp

Now all these n_ggaz, pimpin, without no hoes
All these n_ggaz, rappin and can't rock no shows
And the rest of y'all frontin, in your videos
Gettin it, actin like some silly hoes
You ain't pimpin mayne! You don't talk like we talk
You like a wannabe gangbanger tryin to C-walk
You ain't a crip motherf_cker, and you ain't a B-dawg
You actin way too phony, and now you pissin me off
Fake gangster who you killed? Fake pimp what you sayin?
Yo' album sound fake, and you're f_ckin up the game
You make a lot of rap fans, hate this sh_t
$hort Dawg got a new one? I can't wait to get it
It's called "Up All Nite," with Lil Jon and Jazze Pha
And if you ain't heard yet, you know I have to say that
B_tches jammin, I know you want it now
$hort Dawg got the hottest sh_t comin out

You know I have to say that
B_tches jammin'

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