Pimpin' Inc. - Too Short feat Shanelle

[Chorus: Shanelle - 4x]
It's pimpin, it's pimpin, it's pimp incorporated

[Too $hort]
Pimp Inc., what the f_ck you think?
I was gon' suit up in some gators wearin pink?
I came in my jeans, I'm strapped with my things
I always gotta have a real mack pinky ring
I was sworn to the pimpin, that's the way it goes
I keep the winners and get rid of lazy hoes
Yeah I pimp her, from Vegas to Hawaii
They know I'm a pimp and her parents still like me
Cause this is business, and you should know
Look around, it's hard to find a good hoe
Before you get my next album, "Up All Nite"
You know it's clappin, you know it's gon' be alright
Just like "Gangsters and Strippers, Volume 1"
Like the Pack'n'Murder Mob, is all you want
When you hear it, cause you like the beats
It's P-I-M-P-I-N-G


[Too $hort]
She's hoein, I'm mackin
Buy some mo' real estate and keep on stackin
You trickin, keep savin 'em
N_ggaz like you I tell the hoes keep breakin 'em
This pimpin is alive and well
I just count hoe money and get high as hell
And you think it's so funny, cain't see it my way
But each hoe'll make a n_gga about a G a day
Now that's my kind of math
I know you got one, but how can I have it
16 hoes comin through the screen do'
Dolla dolla bill y'all, gotta get the green yo
Cause I done seen mo' hoes than I need to
Roll the sh_t up mayne, tell me what this weed do
I got drugs, you wanna have 'em
It's just a mixtape n_gga, buy the album


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