69 Ways - Trina

[1 - J-Shin (Trina)]
You're the finest b_tch I've ever seen
(That's right)
Looking like a ghetto queen
So call it ghetto fabulous
She the type of b_tch I wanna bust
Said baby can I drop this please
In the tail from the back while smokin' trees
Hey sexy mama, playful eyes
Just tell me can you freak me right?

Yo, yo, uh Miss Trina Z3 Beamer
Open up my legs put your head in between em
Till I bust like lead from a heater
Make sure you got bread for the diva
Leave a n_ggas pockets dry like the cleaners
Fly by with the shine bright gleamers
Flossin' with the lime Via Spigas
Make it hurt with the H-Class pieces
I take back shots, take back shots
Get a n_gga for his cake and his rocks
Positions that you've never even heard before
Twist around and ride a d_ck vertical, uh
Fine, looky here where the long d_ck n_ggas at?
Where them six figure stacks and the fifties at?
You're the average b_tch, I got carats b_tch
Hot with a ho cause I'm da baddest b_tch

I got 69 ways to make you come my way
Those other b_tches don't play
I do it 69 ways
I wanna get down with her
(Down with her)
I wanna get down with her
(Down with her)

Ghetto superstar
N_ggas eat the p_ssy like a sushi bar
Never let a n_gga hit the koochie raw
Might bust a nut on my Gucci bra
I guess you think you f_ckin' with a hoochie huh?
Fat p_ssy lookin' juicy huh?
In this two piece Coogi huh?
You got twenty grand you can screw me huh?
Got a hundred grand we can make a movie huh?
I know you'll stick with me, cause your baby daddy trick with me
Cop rocks at Tiffany's
I make him f_ck till his back stiff
Hid the stash in the mattress so I can shop at Sax Fifth
F_ck a n_gga just for practice
Fake a nut like an actress give a fake address
Milk a n_gga like a fat breast
Till there ain't no cash left
Sh_t I'm a bad b_tch

[Repeat 1]

(feat. J-Shin)

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