U & Me - Trina

You and Me
We can make it last
You and me
We can make it last
You and me
We can make it last
You and me
We can make it last
You and me...

[Verse 1]
It was me and you Trina who shared the hard times
Still in love wit n_ggas who was serving some hard times
Or involved wit n_ggas who lost their lives
When Hollywood passed I nearly lost my mind
I then rolled wit the traffickers worked in the Maximas
When D.A in back of us, I'm stretched out nervous
Asking myself, "B_tch was this really worth it?"
What's my purpose I gotta keep searching
It was me and you Trina who asked the same questions
we decided when and which hoes we would f_ck it
shop wit thug wit get into some thug sh_t
turn 'em on to n_ggas who deep into that thug sh_t
get money f_ck a little let a n_gga touch a little
had to make moves our home was so f_cking little
Feel that? I know you do, guess what I wrote it too
Please recognize this is a hip hop quoteable

[Chorus + (over lapping the chorus)]
(And even through the loneliest time
we survived through our loneliest nights
Just think about the struggling times
when we survived through a nickel and dime
And even if I had all the bread in the world
I'd give it all up for one shot at
You and Me, I'm that same b_tch)

[Verse 2]
You and me were best friends but I'm the one you talk about?
I showed love to everybody before I walked about
the parties the club the function
I leave you bring up discussions on who I'm f_cking
You and me were best friends we talked about abortions
As little girls hair braided o the same porches
We promised each other we would share the same losses
Ya baby daddy passed we share the same losses
It was you and me hoe getting c-notes
bell hoppers to the death while Irish hoes deep throat
Yeah it's beef in the air and why she know
If anybody do she know how we flow
Miami b_tches you know how we go
Nice entourage lock mints wonder bras
Sit in the club I miss how it was

[Chorus + (over lapping the chorus)]

[Verse 3]
You know it's really funny how the tables turn
I moved forward and thank God for the lessons learned
I used to strip clubs as a stepping stone
Hit the stage got paid it wasn't my second home
Ask somebody Trina been the sh_t on the streets
Roll wrap late nights been the sh_t on the beach
Brought blue baby jeans just to sh_t on the ?
Keep tall body guys just to sit underneath
Sit back pop bottle ya'll sit on ya'll feet
Screaming my name tryna get in V.I.P
I don't own the club boo
I'm just showing love too
But every time I see ya face I think of me and you
It's disappointing that you fell off well not fell off
I just can't accept you not being well off
It wouldn't be me if I didn't tell all
I even tried to call you but ya cell off

[Chorus + (over lapping the chorus)]

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