I Don't Need You - Trina

(feat. Trick Daddy)

See I don't need Nann N_gga
Jockin' me, slowing me down
Or stoppin' me
Climbing all on top of me
If he ain't gonna f_ck me properly
It's got to be, possibly
A d_ck that ain't too soft for me
N_gga get your ass up off of me
Besides your d_ck to small for me
I gots to be f_cked right, s_cked right
In the b_tt right like a sl_t like
In the bright lights, every day all night
Now talk to me, why you f_ck me violently?
Calling me names that apply to me
C_mming all inside of me
Don't lie to me, now tell the truth
Is this p_ssy good to you?
Grip for you, good and tight
But full of juice
Why wouldn't you?
Why shouldn't you?
Scream while I am riding you
Over you making this p_ssy stroke for you
Like your b_tch supposed to do
Close to you and I'm feeling most of you
Deep for me, we can meet
F_ck me till I fall asleep
Not unless there three nuts for me
Or get your ass up off of me
Ol' tired ass n_gga besides
You ain't even all that any way

[1 - Trick Daddy]
B_tch I don't need you
No way, no how, not then, not now
Uh-uh, b_tch

[Repeat 1 (3x)]

[Trick Daddy]
Oh you done blowed
B_tched you done showed out
And I got no beef
If this was my house b_tch
You would've been thrown out
And y'all b_tches better hold up
Simmer down and get the fours up
Mouth all tored up
All this is swolled up
Y'all b_tches better show some love
Or your licking these nuts saying that freaky stuff
And you ain't gotta have the best head
But b_tch it better be close enough
See I don't need ya, I don't see ya
And I really won't wanna be ya
If head is nappy and you boppin' me
Young b_tch then that's illegal
You always braggin' and beggin'
Talkin' 'bout what the last n_gga gave ya
See everybody ain't able
But y'all b_tches so ungrateful
You need to ask questions about dushy
Cause I hate the smell of stank p_ssy
And you're under arms a little musky
I was gonna spare ya but you had to push me

[Repeat 1 (4x)]

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