I Gotta - Trina feat Rick Ross

[RR] Trina, Rick Ross, Hot Box..

I got a, fat p_ssy for a cocks_cker
I got a, hideout for a cop ducker
I got a, condo for a baller n_gga
I got a, gay friend you can call her n_gga

[Rick Ross]
I got a, d_ck game with a mean hustle
I got an, Escalade no you can't touch it
I got a, couple blocks up in Georgia n_gga
I got a, lil' brother cookin quarters n_gga

I got a, couple girls who gon' come f_ck
I gotta, see the money time to come up
I gotta, keep it real with my hustler hoes
I got a, pump or two, who gon' boost them clothes

[Chorus: Rick Ross + (Trina)]
I gotta get mine, girl you gotta get yours
(I gotta get mine, boy you gotta get yours)
I gotta get mine, girl you gotta get yours
(I gotta get mine, boy you gotta get yours)

[Rick Ross]
I gots, no love for a punk b_tch
I gotta, cuss her out to make her s_ck d_ck
I got a, dildo in this bag baby
I got a, lil' somethin for that ass baby

I know you, pay hoes cause I heard you did
I got a, headhunter that'll serve you quick
I got a, team of hoes you ain't seen befo'
With green to blow, sick with cash and cream fo' sho'

[Rick Ross]
I gotta, f_ck 'em all just cause I can
I got her, much hotter than f_ckin her own man
The Ramada, she gave me a hundred dollars for head
But my Pradas, were slipped on, I got knee and fled


I got a, couple cars, while most hoes starve
You gotta give it to the n_gga who wrote those bars
I got a, check in the mail that you couldn't believe
Now I got a Roley for 80 G's under my sleeve

[Rick Ross]
I gotta, let you hoes know who I be
So instead of sayin Rick Ross I just pull out B's
I got a, trap in the hood called no ID
All my weed guaranteed, maybe fo' five seeds

I gotta, put it down in a major way
I gotta, put y'all down with this game I play
I gotta, get my p_ssy ate like everyday
Bring the present with the cake in ya Escalade


[Rick Ross]
I got an, AK for a b_tch n_gga
I gotta, let you know they only get bigger
I got a, hit man for your problems n_gga
I got a, couple stacks that'll solve him n_gga

I gotta... show my n_gga love
Cause he my n_gga what, now hold yo' triggers up
Ain't nuttin in this game is as big as us
If it is, you can tell 'em, we don't give a f_ck

[Rick Ross]
I gotta, hit 'em hard like Ronnie Lott
Defended by Johnny Coch' cartel on the block
I got a, fifty cal' and I'm waitin in the crowd
Ready to get it down when y'all all 50'd out


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