I Need - Trina

[Money Mark]
Gotta, Uh, got feel that sh_t,
Uh, you gotta feel that sh_t


[Money Mark]
Let me tell you what kinda hoes I like

Let me tell you what kinda n_ggas i like

[Money Mark]
I'ma tell you what kinda hoes I like

Let me tell you what kinda n_ggas I like...

[Chorus: Trina & Money Mark]

I wanna n_gga who'll lick the click,
Gone let me ride the d_ck, and blow in side my sh_t,uhh

I want a b_tch who like ta' s_ck da d_ck,
Who wanna f_ck and sh_t, get in the buck and sh_t, what

[Verse 1: Trina]

N_gga, I'ma first class hoe, money in the stash hoe
fast hoe, love it when you like tha ass hole
And if you wanna pass go
I need 20 grand or better
Real go getter out for the flo' getter
Uh, quick cum n_ggas on the coach
Stick ya tongue in it, keepin' ya sprung in it
Stops and bounds might let ya cum in it
Girlfriends do, I do too!, O ones in it
When it, gets wet I won't tease ya dog
Spreading da couchie wide come and please me dog
Easy dog, what, I don't need jake's like you
B_tch I got 8 like you,
Who'll like it, get it wet and then stick it
I'm da type of hoe you wanna trick wit, slick b_tch
I'ma veteran, no p_ssy gets wetter than
Than Rio, f_ck you fo' da dope for sho'

[Chorus 2x - Money Mark first]

[Verse 2: Money Mark]

I ain't never meet a hoe in my life as bad as you
I wanna stick d_ck all up in you, I wanna f_ck wit you
(ohhhh!) You got a n_gga ready ta' f_ck
You gotta n_gga ready to bust a nutt, say what?
Is you bout it hoe, (hell yeah)
Well you can tell me all about it, let me know
Cause I'm a rough n_gga, Money Mark the tough n_gga
F_ck b_tt naked no motherf_ckin' bluff n_gga
F_ck, got the urge to run away wit' ya boo
I won't play wit you boo,
I'll get head in the bed all day from ya boo
I don't need hoes like you
B_tch I got five like you,
Who'll f_ck it, pull it out and then s_ck it
Let my dog touch it, get it wet, bust it
Money Mark, and yeah my last name Digaler
Stank couchie hoes I can't get wit cha no sir

[Chorus 2x]

If you really wanna f_ck, and you wanna get a nutt
Tell that girl to give it up my n_gga, my n_gga
Now all the ladies in the place, puttin' p_ssy in my face
Come on and let me get a taste now baby, now baby

Now let me hear ya say, "I f_ck" (I f_ck)
And say I f_ck (I f_ck) [repeat 4x]
And say U f_ck, and say we f_ck, and say I f_ck,
Now all my n_ggas say...

[Chorus 4x]
[Money Mark first - to end]

(feat. Tre+6)

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