If U Wit Me - Trina

If U w/ me girlfriend then wave your hands
Slap a n_gga wit a hundred just to show your grand
Get them n_ggas f_ck all U can
I'm gettin' paid just to f_ck a man

[Verse 1]
Im a bad ass b_tch n_gga
that's why yo' doe gone
and all yo' weed in the ozone
Im doing this one for my no thugs
who on no drugs
other n_ggas yellin' out so what, huh
Cause you could never be my only one
cause I want too much sh_t, want too much done
recognize who I be when you see me in the club
like a pooch in a coupe with the roof dropped down
where my real b_tches at?
right here
where them n_ggas riches at?
right here
We treatin' n_ggas like rental cars doggin' em out
with no doe theres nothing we can talk about

[Chorus (Repeat 2x)]

[Verse 2]
I can tell by your eyes, love is what you feel
U wanna talk n_gga, then lets discuss my bills
as you can see im an expensive b_tch
who has good taste and love expensive sh_t
U wanna conversate well n_gga I charge a fee
each additional minute, n_gga I charge a fee
You short well n_gga I gots to go
only ballers are tall enough to reach my goal
I know you love me but I love your huns
cause U could never be my only one
Don't trust me, broke n_gga don't lust me
cause gettin' paid is a must be
and hell naw you can't f_ck me

[Chorus (repeat 2x)]

[Verse 3]
2 karats in the ear
4 karats in the ring
hoes get sick when they see the bling bling
stay f_ckin' wit' a thug
who would cop the 4, cop some ?
then cruize and just drop u off
want me to lock the door
im not whore
f_ck n_gga get your mind right or im out the door
gotta go, goota go
6 double o
im a big trouble hoe
who likes to smuggle doe
from my head to my toe
fly sh_t fo' sho'
want my wrist to glow
and my tips to flow
don't puff blunts
i like my B's up front
you can smoke though blow weed on my kunt
cause im a bad b_tch
first round drifted
shaped like a coka- cola classic
get my ass licked
take a n_gga for his cash quick
even take plastic, uh


yeah I know yall n_ggas can say f_ck them hoes
but not on this one
im doing this one for my b_tches
all b_tches of all b_tches
and f_ck them flaw b_tches
okay, play wit' it
Ms Trina
new Millennium
year 2000
slip -n- slide

(feat. Mystic)

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