Lame - Trina

Naw n_gga get the fucc out my face
Lame ass n_gga I don't know you n_gga
Get the fucc outta here don't be standing close to me
Get the fucc over I don't want no drink
I buy my own bottle ill buy you a bottle too
Broke ass n_gga get the fucc outta here

You a lame small watch ity bity chain
You a lame running round thinking you the man
Yous a lame miss me with that weak ass game
Yous a lame you so lame
N_gga you a lame always talking bout yo bread
You a lame n_gga probably workin wit the feds
Yous a lame u aint really got no change
Yous a lame you so lame n_gga yous a lame

[Verse 1]
Who you think your fooling boy I know your lame
Cant even see the cross is that your baby chain
Think your spittin game, my ears catchin pain
Your trap bumpin hard why your shoes don't have a name
Gingivitis breath cuz u talking sh_t
I know everytime you lyin cuz u grab yo dicc
That's a fuccin rental you jus threw on tints
You fucc that ugly girl why you don't claim yo chicc
Thought you slangin briccs you aint Hercules
Them lil nickel bags you more like mini me's
You jus offending me caused me a tragedy
U fix your thoughts theres a chance youll be fuccin me
No I don't want yo number
No I don't wanna give you mine
And no I don't wanna meet you no where
No I don't want none of your time

[Verse 2]
Yous a snitchin ass n_gga
Soft get robbed p_ssy pie ass n_gga
Booty d borrow your brother clothes broke n_gga
Standin at the crap games you lookin ass n_gga
Sittin shot gun d_ck ridin slub ass n_gga
Always where you at when you call ass n_gga
You ring my phone bacc to bacc tired ass n_gga
You cant keep a job on the corner ass n_gga
Bond out of jail and then you bac again ass n_gga
Livin witcho mama cheap petty ass n_gga
Running outta gas all the time ass n_gga
Always wanna borrow a few dollas ass n_gga
Ol boppin ass n_gga

[Verse 3]
These fucc n_ggas lame they swear they makin bread
You wanna talk to who b_tch you can gimme head
Head the other way make a you turn
Cuz ima big spender ima make yo pockets burn
Ask round the firm and i run the firms
Motivation seminars so my b_tches learn
We don't fucc wit lames cuz we bad b_tches
Let em know first quarter that we bout them riches
Givem tender kisses hell be blowed away
Especially wen he see how much he gone have to pay
A high maintence b_tch like kimora lee
O another bad b_tch who Victoria B

I see you lame ass n_gga
Im bout to start exposin u n_ggas
Start callin n_ggas names b_tch ass n_ggas
Yal n_ggas don't wanna fucc wit me straight up
Im bouts to pop off on n e mutha f_cka that want it they can get it
Get the fucc outta here
Lame ass n_ggas fucc yal lame ass b_tches too
Shut the fucc up succ a dicc bithces
Yours truly trina baddest b_tch of all times

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