The Big Lick - Trina


Ay rero

(What's happening?)

Look out da window

See that f_cked n_gga riding down the street in that Jag?

(Yeah, yeah what about him?)

That's da lick right there

(So what you sayin)

I can get his bread, take all his dough

(Then b_tch go head what you waiting for)

The right time I'mma get it all I'm telling ya

This ain't no bullsh_t I'm selling ya

Straight off the boat, good dope I'm telling ya

N_gga no joke if you revoke, I'm bailin' ya

If sh_t get to hot I'm Makavalin ya

Is you down for da plot

(Now you know i ain't failin' ya)

(But any tricks b_tch, with the flame I'm sweatin' ya)

(Cause you're a slick b_tch, I can see the hell in ya)

(I'm tellin' ya no games)

Nah n_gga straight up we can split da weight up 50-50

(60-40, deal?)


(You sure)

Damn real that's still 6 digits

(So what da n_gga name)

Stingy, he pack plenty

(He got any friends)

Not to many he hang with one man

(He got a name?)

Lock toting gun man, you heard of him?

(Nah but I know just the n_gga to murder him)

(The ex con I know named Bong, psycho Vietname vet who owe me a bet)

(When you wanna set it up?)

Now n_gga, I know where he at right now n_gga

(Well sh_t hand me the phone)



(What up n_gga?)

It's on

(Where it's at? I've been waiting for this type of lick)


Enough of that sh_t

Let's do something quick

Rapper go and shoot something

It's time to get paid

(Well b_tch call him and see where he at)

N_gga I told you I knew where the n_gga was at right now

N_gga you think I'm playin give me the phone

Hold up, hold up be quiet, shh


What's up boo?

(What's happening?)

Nothing i was just thinkin' bout you

I wanted to know if i could come see you tonight

(What you think, you ain't even have to ask me no sh_t like that)

He, he, he

(Hold on baby let me see who this is on the other line

Member of Lost Tribe](Pull)

(What up n_gga let's go get that fill)

Hey what up Pull


Hold on Pull I got this b_tch on the other line


Damn n_gga what the f_ck you had me on hold for so long?

Who the f_ck you think I am En Vogue?

N_gga so what you gon let me come through or what?

(Damn it ain't gotta be all of that, simma down a little bit)

(Come through about 8 sh_t!)

Alright I'll see you when i get there

[Pull](Member of Lost Tribe)

(What'cha say yo?)

I got a bad ass b_tch on the way yo

(Who dat?)

A b_tch named Trina

I met her at the mall, ya should've seen her

(Hold up, red hoe push a Beemer)

Oh n_gga you know the hoe

(Yeah that hoe'll set you up boy, she all for it)

I could never fall for it

(Nah never say never yo, she a little cover hoe)

(Set n_ggaz up for they chedda yo)

But I'm a lot better though

(Boy I'm tellin' ya she'll wet n_ggaz up)

With what the p_ssy, n_gga I ain't stupid over no harmless hoe

(You ain't listening yo, she bustin more than nuts)

(Besides you barely know that sl_t)

(What don't think she know about the blow and the blow

(And the g's and the g's and the sh_t from overseas)

Well if it come down to that, then I'm a squeeze

And since you feel like that

I'll keep the pistol with the b_tch on her knees

(I'm still coming over there)

Whatever yo she with that freak sh_t

(I ain't on that creep sh_t, I'm coming to peep sh_t)

Oh n_gga where you at?

(I'm down the street sh_t)

Hold on pull

I think that's the b_tch at the door there, who dat?

(It's me n_gga)

Hold on, damn what the f_ck took you so long?

What you was out a town or something?

It's all good though

As long as you brought that phat ass with ya

Close the door, close the door

Hold up!


F_ck n_gga you ain't heard?

I'm da baddest b_tch

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