Bennie Franks - Twista feat Bennie Franks

no muggy manny man gonna feel this sh_t here tramp
try out the (?) bobby land rasta man one land one land live one land love
you come you come you test the rasta
you come you come you test the rasta
you test Bennie and I told ya motherf_cker boom
now ya f_cking dead

[Bennie Franks]
I drop bombs like who say mad ass
verbal ammunition when I solve a blast ass I stash cash
assassination like Ras Kass
b_tches and 10 hut
I'ma money making soldier cause I don't give no f_ck
the world is mine
you stepping over gages grenades and land mines so hand mine
if you was around n_gga you probably ban mine
off the loado watching out for the rorrow popping at the po po
99 brinks truck candy apple sitting on normols
them n_ggas don't wanna see us come up
so f_ck them marks for the legit ballers for the world blow up
its ain't no sold off sh_t I'm still top of the mess
check Tom disrespect Tom teflon through his chest
and f_ck em for T
I'm rolling in my candle camouflage
wing ding and white wands and now I ready to march
embark on this who trying to whip the lyrical arsonist
look learn and listen my baguette still glisten
my nine shines its 6 past 6 so b_tches prime time
who in they write mine n_gga trying to define rhyme
L-E-G-I-T ballers
give it up for them pistol pistol the knuckle street baller
come on

B-E double N I-E Franks
B-E double N I-E Franks
B-E double N I-E Franks
B-E double N I-E Franks
[chorus 2]
its a joint we completed n_ggas ballers boy
thats the money making soldiers bringing all the noise
ain't nothing on ya block but them vocaling toys
riding tinted out real straps hoes galore

[Bennie Franks]
now it don't get no deeper than this
mr. obysis come on my style with a twist
I'm out the midst
checking ya style is too close for coffin
put me to stand and n_gga ya playing
If your all sh_t surrounding I'm abandoning
I strike back like heaven on
I'm on a spree taking out all n_ggas sounding like me like Andrew Cullonon
y'all can go to a reawrike guiness on a one road business
its a sin to swallow all the witness now I'm guilty by suspicion
I know this sh_t got ya mind twisted so who I make concern
tossing this sh_t like blind b_tches touching ya ass getting burned (ahh)
212 of them degrees wrecking impostor emcee's chop em off at the knees
face to face with your enemy
I'm G.I. to C-H-I C-H yo heffa
fo fo go go blow em outta his a betta chose yo
the return of the funeral cage right
come on ya all do wanna do it to Tillman or a Ben Jagger
cause its that n_gga from the 3-1-2 capital double L-L
bring the noise sh_t we bound to burn them boys
although he's a nice guy and when the drought is to em I brought em pain
come on rasta man tell em what the the thang hey

[chorus 1]
[chorus 2]

[Bennie Franks]
B-E double N I-E Franks
who want to come test me now think
the game is over its officially my time
you f_ck around n_gga and get ya label shut down
who them n_ggas try to diss and made a clip but they miss
y'all shouldn't a let me tangle legit ballers and twist
I axe ya wrist off (i ya ya)
who can I trust hits ya (i ya ya)
who can I bust I fiend for cash put beans on fast got singers as jack
I told ya save that sh_t for last
guard ya glamoura I'm f_cking up opponents and challengers
shoulda charged ya stamina here comes the
watch me damage ya
we mash and bang with mask and thang
get jacked ya name reclaim the game and I'll blast ya fame
you say the war is on bring it I spare you
come back to my city n_gga I dare you

[chorus 1]
[chorus 2 2x]

well you test my family I look here now motherf_cker
you test Bennie and I told ya motherf_cker boom
now ya f_cking dead, they might not know
but that the news land done dadd you big bad bully frog you

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