Can't Live Without You - Twista

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I make you laugh, I make you cry
When we make love, it feels so right
I can't live my life without you-ooh-ooh-ooooooh

I knew she was the bomb when I met her
and I brought her home back from Cali
She was pretty but I knew she was dangerous
when I took her for a ride to my crib in the black Denali
Got up in the mansion, makin an expansion
Other words another part of my stable
Wanna lay her on the bed if I'm able
But she think it's better if I lay her on the table
Gotta break her down, get a whiff of her body
I'm thinkin "Ooh, she smells so good"
N_ggaz already callin me to get with her
Damn, that sh_t be circulatin quick through the hood
My finger's smellin like a Swisher
Grabbed her fatty and told her that my name Twista
I wrapped around her then licked her
And then I hit her [inhales then coughs]
Take a break - I need to take a breather
Told me to get back if I can't handle it
and I'm sweatin like I caught a fever
We was married in matrimony and never gettin divorced
and I can never leave her
She was the cannabis sativa, and I damn sure need her


She was ready in the colorful lookin good and I call her my lucky charm
Her tender vittles in the middle was better than Skittles
and it ain't a riddle why she got the brothers up in arms
So spectacular, bringin hoes to me feeling the feelings I felt
It wasn't 'bout how I was makin her feel, sh_t, she got me feelin myself
Feelin great, don't hate
If a n_gga crackin a joke then I'ma start rollin
Got the feel, can't chill
Got her feelin like they just invented the wheel, I'ma start rollin
I'm so thirsty (so thirsty) I'm so fly (so fly)
Everythang is cool (is cool) I'm so high (so high)
When I be away from you for a while I have mixed emotions
When I get back wit'chu, ah, I gotta fix my potion
Feelin like I'm in another world better than heaven, now who be next to see?
She my ecstacy, forever next to me


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