Clappin' - Twista

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Killers on deck, my semi's up to bat
My money on first, and my n_ggaz in the back
Don't be surprised n_gga if we start blastin
We get it, we get it, we get it clappin

I got the whole team ready for whatever
We gettin money so I could be never scared to face y'all
Killers on deck, money on first, semi up to bat
I guess it's a deadly game of baseball
Motherf_ckers is snitchin and b_tchin to authority
who would do whatever to get you to court
These n_ggaz juiced up on steroids
and this is the Mitchell Report
Performance enhancement drugs
will make a n_gga wanna take a chance with slugs
Try to stick a n_gga up for extortion
because you workin on a tip, they scandalous
Ain't no runnin over here takin nothin
cause we gon' get to bustin if they don't explain they self
These killers late '80s babies
They don't honor sh_t, and yo' mayne in jail
Better come over here like a hyper asked for white
Don't be comin like a G and try to ask for turf
Semi-automatic'll send you to the afterlife
Holier dome lookin like after-birth
Took a stand but you thought I woulda ran
if I didn't understand the plan because I can I can
Couldn't talk man-to-man
but now yo' momma cryin in the ambulance ("My baby!")
When he was teachin I wasn't to hold you miss the preliminary
so now yo' body layin in the cemetery
Now your family reminiscin and sayin you shoulda listened
whenever they lookin at yo' obituary
Told you we got the game on lock
We the champions of the league, we be ready to bleed
If you wanna get it crackin you're gonna be comin after when I bust
I make 'em back up [?] because I got the

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

The only way that I could be on my empire
is if I was callin the shots like I'm the umpire
And I got the b_tches callin the pimps sire
but if I go out on the block it's only gunfire
Thinkin you can make it to the ninth inning
but the whole game is another level and dimension
Like when the n_ggaz put you on the pedestal
attention quickly turn into medical attention
Plenty whips you probably be in
cause you got that right block
Talkin sh_t like Ozzie Guillen
cause you got that (White Sox)
'Til you suffer consequences and repercussions
because of a homie who was snitchin and walkin with the law
Now you ain't tippin no more, but you be thinkin you hard
so you gon' try to take it from another n_gga? Naw
Now you come up for the money like you Iron Man
when you should've just asked politely
Now I let it rip, cause I got the clip
then my metal b_tch, and I call her Aphrodite
Motherf_cker I'm alpha mighty
You think I'ma let you just take my guap?
Round here we put a bullet in the head of pinch hitters
n_gga you can't take my spot
Cause I know you can't take my Glock
If you come at me I gotta make that pop
I get money, you put hundred dollar bills over the ones
n_gga you gotta fake my knot
You ain't gon' be able to make that stop
but I could make a b_tch make that drop...

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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