Emotions - Twista

Verse one: twista

Well a motherf_cker could never control me, only
Squeeze me and hold me
That's what the hoe came up and told me
Now is she bold g? but in my mouth is where the
Gold be
Cause i be pimpin her like goldie
Gotta get paid in this age my fingers ain't made
Just to be choppin up confetti with, if it's a
Ready d_ck
You better steady lick if you ain't with it you can
Get it
Cause i ain't even on that petty sh_t
So who the f_ck you actin' petty with?
The rhythm i kick, is like a
Pick em up quick and then give em the d_ck, thinkin
I'm innocent
Till they up in the mall shoppin for me pickin a fit
I got them heffer's nose red
And when we get in the bed, i be leavin em with
Rose legs
Stuffin that made em wanna pose dead
But you already got em until you get up in them
Hoes head
I don't mean to sound bogus or nothin
But it's the bomb when i be havin them cuties
I'm in love with em, when i'm rubbin em
Be gettin pub with em, in a club with em
Smokin dub with em, huggin em, freakin in the tub
With em
After gettin paid from her she ain't trippin
Cause she know she got what she paid for
She honor my name, i gotta tame, here it go
Now we speakin with the game on ways to make mo'

Chorus: repeat 2x

[johnny p in background: let me playyyyy, with your
(let me play with your) emotions hoe
To the rhythm of a hi-hat, take a puff and lie back
Let me stimulate your mind, body and soul, i know
You want to try that
Now motherf_cker can you buy that...
Tell me baby can you buy that
I got you under my complete control, you know it's
Worth more than
Diamonds and gold, now don't be bogus and deny that

Verse two: twista

Now how the f_ck you gon' act hoe, i saw you
Creepin out the back do'
What you runnin from a mack fo'? lay you on your
Back slow
Cause you know i got you with my lasso
Blow your mind like an afro. come and take a
Glimpse and a stare
It's the aroma of a pimp in the air, i betcha
Notice the smell
It's like a lotus when i flow dis, cause my eyes be
The lowest
If you didn't notice then you bogus as hell
I'm puttin women under my spell, like i'm up in
Their brain
Pumpin their vein with game for the anatomy that's
They're fillin em up with adrenaline, got em geekin
We're speakin approachin up a pimp like a gentleman
Submission is surrenderin, it ain't no endin if
It's on
With a blunt from the bomb side
In the right place, with the right mind and the
Right line
You can get a lifetime contract
They be wise until they look into your eyes
She surely freaked when she spotted mine
Took her over to my crib, lay low, hit her off from
Then she signed on the dotted-line, the hoe was like
"oooohh daddy... why you doin me like this?
I'd do anything to be with you, you got me gone in
The head"
Ya mind, i don't mean to make a disaster up
Like my dad to master love
But if a motherf_cker breakin you for every penny
You earn
Then how could you still show the bastard love?
I guess it's cause i'm cold, sh_t
Thought you was gon' be spendin me i betcha think
You sho' did
But game recognize game, now you lame in the brain
Stupid b_tch that's what you get for tryin to gold
Dig, now


Yeah, this be hype, the verbal tantrum
Kickin it with my man twista
If you should s_ck my soul
I should make your funky emotions
Nothin is good unless you play with it
Play with me baby

Verse three: twista

I know you think it's blasphemy
But won't you give up when she ask for me? after he
Passed the "b"t
Since you said i was your magesty, i had to see
And when you get paid, there is some cash for me,
Is it a tragedy
That i can get her so gone, the hoe be trippin
Talkin up her love a lot
But the only love i got, is when i'm grippin the
Mic like i hug the glock
Or when i rub the twat, or pickin up a dub at spots
F_ck the hoe thugs, the clubs, and the phony
Perpetrators with dimes
The speed knot, smatch crew, do or die, psycho
Drama, crucial conflict
Be pimpin with em gators and dobs, collect the
Papers and dolls
Player haters remarks will get smoked to a blunt
So keep walkin the next time you hear grown folks
Motherf_ckers betta shut the f_ck up, cause we make
The women s_ck up
You insist to be trippin while we be gamin like don
Without the filet minion, the grey poupon
Them hoes are staked to charm, because we make the
Now i don't mean no harm, but either come on in or
Get on gone
And let me pull my pouch of snuff
In between your thighs, come take a pull and vibe
And let your tongue go coastin low, now


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