Go - Twista feat Zamica

[Chorus: Zamica]
What's it gonna be, with you and me?
Don't even know, all I can say is
Gooooo (go, go) gooooo (go, go) goooo (go, go, go, go)
Only time will tell, if we meant to fail
If we're gonna win, all I can do is
Gooooo (go, go) gooooo (go, go) goooo (go, go, go, go)

Now you better move forward, if you're thinkin life is about change
You was thinkin it'll be forever, but nothin stayed the same
I know you wanna make it work and they told you that they ain't never gon' leave
You depressed and can barely breathe, wit yo' emotions on yo' sleeve
You could fuss with them, you could fight with them, you can even disagree with them
But if love gon' last you could tell it over time if you really meant to be with them
If you're ready for the drive, let the future take yo' side
You don't even got a seat, put the pedal to the metal, trust in yo' faith and ride
No need to be worried about all the drama and talk, eyes straight
Don't know where to go then don't look, just walk, blind faith
Cause you in love even though you know how crazy they can be
We can only try to make it work, we just gotta wait and see


Sometimes you won't know, where life is gon' take us
But I know you better be about business, and you gotta stay on yo' paper
Everybody got work, but do you really know what work about?
And everybody got problems, all you can do is try to work 'em out
I'm all with a brother lovin his mother and takin care of another because he know God
Just put one foot in front of the other and see what you can discover when you go hard
Ain't no reason for y'all to look back now, take a stride and go on and move forward
And I believe in miracles, when you see the light then go on and move toward
If they can get it I can get it
You can get it if you a baller, if you a baller
And if they can get her I can get her
If you want her you better call her, you better call her
And what you wanna see, is


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