Got Away - Twista

Uh, uh
Where did she go, where did she go?
Security callin' me but I ain't ready to go
She pulled up to the telly in a Chrysler Concorde
Complimented her, told her she look nice like time four
Pulled out the six and told her let me get the digits
I'm giggin' in the city, come out tonight so we can kick it
Twista, 'mista-spit-it-fast', she can tell I do work
Only thing slow about me is the snail on my shirt
I don't even gotta wonder what a real woman is
When I look for the type, it is you
With her right on my side, on a mic, in a fight
For the night, then I might get with you
But now I'm leavin' the schemin' for any reason to stay
'cause I feel like...

Fresh in the flesh, you a freshman at adolescence
Wanted to be with her but had to leave her 'cause you're a senior
High school sweetheart, can't believe you gon' be apart
Different colleges, why you gotta break my heart to get smart
Got 99 problems and this is definitely one
But somethin's stoppin' me from thinkin' our legacy is done
I feel our breakup's inappropriate, I want you and I meant it
We gon' figure somethin' out though our parents is against it
Say that I'm not gon' be successful, but I still won if it's stressful
Thinkin' about how I can't get that or you wonderin' if I left you
I ain't gon' be the one talkin' about I should've kept you
I ain't gon' be the one wonderin' how that sh_t affect you
Come up with a way to get you back
Workin' on the plot, plan
Method on my mind
She one of a kind
When I'm lookin' for the one to love
She the one I wanna find
So I gotta search
When we get back together, you gotta stay
My future, but for today
You're the one that got away...

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