Grand Finale - Twista feat The Legit Ballers

Check this out ya dig?
You've vome to the last and final record
Toxic gettin crunk on you hoes
My n_gga KX-Zilla, Steve The Guitar Man droppin the rythm
And I got the whole Legit Ballers family up in hea n_gga
A yo Beanie Franks
You the early bird of this muthaf_cka

[Beanie Franks]
Picture a n_ggas thats raw
Amber fire his ass and what we'll say is what we saw
Muthaf_ckas I slaughter
Blow 'em out the water
L-E-G-I-T that's Ballers
My styles as lethal
As a b_tch that's found with AIDS gettin loose
N_gga before you get spraid wit some hot sh_t
While you run I pop sh_t
Yo ghetto aint no harder than mine, f_ck that block sh_t
You cant manage them thangs
The robber takin and born in the range
Battle the match and bang
I hold my gun up high screamin "F_ck 'Em All"
Then I get in that as like cholesterol
I got the game lock dowm like Alcatraz
And if you escape you betta haul ass
Cause when I catch ya physically and mentally
I bring yo ass on the block thats the penalty
Put 'em in the hot seat grab a hoe
I'll show you some sh_t that'll make your eyes explode out ya skull
Cause bein odd ont the block is a N-O
N_ggas didnt know that I could go off, and show off, and throw off the law
Turn, send ten shows that'll burn
Whats left is a muthaf_ckin dent in the alley
Beanie Franks is the sh_t on the Grand Finale

Thats tha sh_t I'm talkin about n_gga
Now its time for Turtle Banks to spit

[Turtle Banks]
Turtle Banks
You know its my turn to buss
And make weak muthaf_ckas turn to dust
And if you weak you die in the streets of Chi
Its deep drive by my bullets fly in the seat
Them n_ggas aint ballin muf_ckas fakin
Scared of facin Legit Ballers at ya crib waitin
And now you shakin
Call the guys to come chase me
I make them punk muthaf_ckas buckle up for safety
A b_tch, a pickle, a chicken, a clique, n_ggas is sick
For they skits and they scurges
Now I'm pimpin the pain cause I'm urgin
And rearrangin your muthaf_ckin face like a surgeon
Lyrics layin wit a four thats what I be f_ck settin every peace
My sh_t to yo ass I see
O, for my mob status I'ma lay low
Representin Legit Ballers and n_ggas biten the flow
On the streets or the stage
A 45 or a gauge
Thats why me and the Twista always hittin the front page
For what? cause we so damn cold
And when we enter the car n_ggas cluthcin they hoes
So f_ck it, fall wit dust and get snatched
While Nitty bustes the facts in the Grand Finale

Yeah 'lil n_gga its been once for you b_tches
Y'all cant touch Legit Ballers
And just when you thought it was over
T-Nitty in here doin danger

The names Nitty, you know I'm comin off like a gangsta
Disrespectin the mob I gotta bang ya
An everyday, cituation when I was caught by
F_ck a car, I do a muthaf_ckin walk by
When the G to the A-M-E
Leavin whole f_ckin familys greivin
Cause if I miss some I gotta burn ya
Then I'm aressted (For what?) attempt murda
Never out done only out doin
F_ckin them b_tches and then I leave 'em boo-hooin
Why?, cause they addicted, to what the d_ck did
The pleasure and pain the wing ding inflicted
Given n_ggas two to the head
Boy you can't mess wit a mad and hard head
Fool, I'm a straight low neva broke
Cause today I be a balla, shot shot caller
I dont give a f_ck about one
Them hoes aint even got love and they boo-hooin
Now when I take it pass rap
While I'm still gang bangin b_tch n_gga catch a cap
Not easy but my nine easy to kill wit
Especially if you poppin bullsh_t
The N only I to the T
Especially my dogs on the muthaf_ckin Grand Finale

Yeah that sh_t was bangin
Last but not least Twista up in hea
The orignator of the style all y'all n_ggas been biten
And to show you how its done

Swingin, singin my raw was through rap
To the rythm c-cock back T-O is in the back
So if it makes you giggle I figure you thinks its petty
But to me its kinda Tilly
(Tell 'em what) I'm makin fetty
Trippin off the man tho we buzzin while I'm thuggin
Get drunk and discustin the way I be bustin pistols and hustlin
Dont take second for me to pop off my nine
Cause I'm the tiggy-tiggy Twista n_gga what have been on out of the pick
But I was harder T-W-I-S-T-A to the formula
Its cold cause we been smokin on dro
So n_gga when you take a listen
You wonder who I'm dissin
D-O-N-T L-E-A-V-E without permission
The "Baller-T" aka "The Swisher Roller"
"The Bigger Gun Holder" so I be damned when a n_gga role up
Ever compete wit Mobster Elites
Much Less beef
Its like you comin on my tip wit no heat
Never smile when the Twistas in the club
Cause I got a mask and gloves
And I might be bustin out slugs
I'm comin raw cause I'm smokin on kali
Gang bangin wit Mobsta Elites on the muthaf_ckin Grand Finale

[(Toxic) & Twista]

(Yeah thats how real muthaf_ckin ballers lay it down n_gga)
(Now its time to run down all the muthaf_ckas that made this sh_t hea happen)
My n_gga Jag
(My n_gga Big Ed)
Big Fud
Calla One
(Chris The Engineer)
(And these all the n_ggas from Legit Ballin family)
(Beanie Franks)
Miss Cane
Turtle Banks
(That n_gga High Beam)
The mobstas Liff and Maze
(Chine White bangin the beats)
(My n_gga Twista)
And the rest of the whole Legit Ballers family
Ya dig?

Weeee Straight!!

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