Heartbeat - Twista

[Intro: 2X]
Heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, breathe n_gga breathe

[Verse One]
Oh, Twista told you don't make him mad
You won't like me when I'm mad, I'm a motherf_cking beast
Try n_gga, imma ride n_gga, you still alive n_gga
Gon' die n_gga, gon' drop, cause ain't no room at the top
Walk in the room like I'm 'Pac, bringing you doom when I rock
Its suicide n_gga, blood stains n_gga, nuts hang n_gga
Bust them motherf_ckers from my black, mustang n_gga
Yes I shot them with the pound, got them with the rounds
Hollow point to lay his motherf_cking body on the ground
Now you breathing and shacking cold, hoping that god don't take your soul
With two b_tch straps and a vest is just the only way to roll
Now if you don't wanna die, then I suggest you better try
Breathe hard, hold on to your life, fight n_gga

[Chorus: 2X]
Can you feel your, heartbeat?
You still got a, heartbeat
They can take away your, heartbeat
Be strong n_gga, breathe n_gga breathe
Can you feel your, heartbeat?
You still got a, heartbeat
They can take away your, heartbeat
Don't die n_gga, breathe n_gga breathe

[Verse Two]
A demon in the club, got them leaning in the club
Hit them with the screwed voice, I got her screaming in the club
Pull up on the sista, according to the scripture
I'ma break 'em off again, when I met them off in the twista
Sh_t, I'm coming with the pistol, when I gotta kill 'em up
Apocalyptic imma get 'em, when I hit 'em up
Fill his body up wit holes, and the terror that will follow
Will have a n_gga hit the deck, when I send it up
Put the pipe to your dome, I don't give a f_ck about right from wrong
I get in the club, a n_gga be feeling so bold
But if a n_gga talk sh_t, I'll go right for the chrome
Then when you come back, come and see me do it worse
I'ma shoot the vehicle up put your body in a hearse
Bring you back alive like the bullets was a curse
Making the drive or put the ride in reverse
Don't wanna die again better get up in the wind
Cuz a n_gga kinda handy with the black four fin
Or I gotta hit him wit the millimeter nine or the rhyme
Either way it'll be a flat line

[Chorus: 2X]

You still alive n_gga
You still alive n_gga
You still alive n_gga
Well gon' die n_gga

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