No Friend of Me - Twista feat Chief Keef & Stunt Taylor

He ain't no friend of me
He ain't no friend of me
He ain't no friend of me

[Hook x2 - Stunt Taylor:]
N_gga if he broke, he ain't no friend of me
Wearing fake designer, he ain't no friend of me
Money long and still stretching like a centipede
Extended clips and prayers for all my enemies

[Verse 1 - Chief Keef:]
He ain't no friend of me kill that f_cking n_gga like my enemy
I'm tired of this f_ck n_ggas being in front of me
All these dinners killing me, my energy (Gang)
Catch a f_ck n_gga show him what he meant to me (Bang Bang)
And I cop this MAC, it go rat tat
You toke that deuce duece sound like a high hat
I'm towing on this chopper, it go grat grat
Same puss I beg for then I pay for my head
Send me up, baby girl, don't try that
I got my fellow me and every mob gat
Too much tooka pack where my life at
Bullets come out this chopper, where the knife at?
They say when you're rich, you can't have broke friends
I guess I just noticed that
They with you when you're rich but when it all ends
Bet that sh_t be all over with

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Twista:]
I still want none, get on a track and I go dumb
Keep talking sh_t, you see them bitties come
And the Lords come and them folks come
And they be coming with some sh_t, better click at it, clack
Clip after clip after Mac and some sh_t that'll rip out your back
Hollow heavy hitter, bullets'll slip out the crack
My haters get ghost, what, chewing all that money
You were saying to me you ain't got a prop or job
You're a shame to me, half n_gga always in the club
You were thot to me, can't pay for VIP
Parking, you broke to me
Used to got no money, you mistaking me
For that other n_gga that you seen, he ain't none of me
Pull up in that Benz with no key, sit on 4 G's
Killers all behind me, send this b_tch up, G

[Hook x2]

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