One More Joog - Twista feat Don Juan

[Intro - Don Juan (Twista):]
One more joog, one more
Joog (one mo')
N_gga, I'm turnin, turn up!
One more joog (guap)
Ay (money)
Drank, turn up!
One more joog (count what?)
One mo', one mo' drank, drank (this ain't for the rappers)
N_gga, drank (this for the ones that be joogin, Twista)

[Chorus - Don Juan:]
One more joog
My n_ggaz be trappin, straight out the land though (joog)
Red bandanna, lookin like Rambo (joog)
Used to be walkin, now I'm in Lambos (joog)
Still pullin joog after joog, light yo' black out like a candle (joog)
All I need is one mo' (one mo') all I need is one mo'
E'rybody lay down (lay down) what you think that I come fo'? (come fo')
Joogin, ridin 'round just lookin (one mo' joog, gimme one mo' joog!)
I'm joogin, ridin 'round just lookin (one mo' joog, gimme one mo' joog!)
One mo' joog

Twista, I'm a winner
Joogin in a city full of motherf_ckin killers
F_ckin with them n_ggaz on the corner servin pillars
and they get it every morning from the summer to the winter
With a pocket full of figures and I got the hood of n_ggaz
and a banana clip for the gorillas
Throw up a middle finger for whoever don't feel us
Matter fact, if we have to we'd be comin after your dinner
I'ma drop a joog on you n_ggaz right now
What you spendin 35 hundred for a pound?
I'ma take it 35 hundred joog 35 times
Make it 35 muh'f_ckin pounds
C-c-city full of n_ggaz that be misunderstood
And I might come and stick you up if you got the goods
Come in here talkin that sh_t, I wish a n_gga would
You wanna know what they on when you in the hood


[Twista (Don Juan):]
I could joog your tax
I'll make a quick hundred racks with that wire (one mo')
Then flip it and bring it back
And make a few hundred stacks with that fire (one mo')
Put the K roll in the Ac'
I roll one and sit back because I'm waitin on a hundred units
And if I don't come up off of that
I'm servin the dummy pack and face the drama when I run into it (joog)
Ain't nothin like us
Gotta send a shout to the lifers
Roll in the Camaro with the car crackers
In the club poppin bottles with the swipers (one mo', one mo' drank)
Shoutout to my plug
Let's get it - shoutout to my shooters
My shooters got shooters
My hitters got hitters and they got bazookas on


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