Rider Bitch - Twista feat Erika Kane

you cant ride a b_tch from the chi so make em bite the dust
Kane got the thangs that a girl bout to bust
sticking all y'all love for the love so get down on your knees
less you gonna kick it with us then here grow some weed
riding through your ghetto smoking terror through lanes
your areas game in the world of this b_tch Erika Kane
make you shine off your 20's come off all ya money
and cop with yo scratch man
come back on the block and serve to full contain

[Erika Kane]
diabolical b_tch over beats like stylistic and stylistical sh_ts
would think I was working outta calico kits
ride or die as if I was your geronimo b_tch
high as the sky I throw ya body up with hollow point tips
swallow ya d_ck then hit ya for ya keys
more about me I like them weaves g's and p_ssy fees
cd's for cheese n_ggas is swee
p_ssy platinum would leave em I'm saying
I ain't playing b_tches got to eat
only streets it ain't nothing nice b_tches dying for ice
ride these n_ggas raw s_cking em right
paying the price sh_t we got life in em
I got all these n_ggas locked what they bumping huh

[Erika Kane]
the world is my domain like the devil and sh_t
spit game just to keep the ice bezelled and sh_t
the prettiest b_tch even if I was the ugliest
I still had these n_ggas licking my clit when its the bloodiest
throw what on ya sh_t run ya name to the dirt
n_gga I'm Ms. Kane and you gots to put in work
I be sly with my sh_t wink an eye with my sh_t
whatever I gotta do to get em to ride with the sh_t
I ride high with my click do or die with my click
got the flick in this b_tch and we all ball legit
type of chicken want all ya grip
assets and estates
type of chicken smoking pounds right down to the shake
ain't no give and take n_gga I'm taking no giving
its a wild ass ride sometime I hate that I'm living
thats why I smoke B's to the head and don't think about kicking
keep my mind on this money cause a b_tch got to stay flicking


[Erika Kane]
everyday I scheme for cheddar get cheddar scheme for mo cheddar
all ya b_tches follow me always been a trendsetter
go getta in 96 I got em wetta
gold digger always in it for the treasure
more liquor might make the durb betta but fo sho
if ya hit her off with the dough she'll make the swerve wetta
just consider me licking you low nice and slow dadda
figure figure a good to go oh you ain't know dadda
I had these b_tches tilly from the titties to the thillies
peeping the willies splitting my phillies whole sh_tty
all up in my grillie yeah b_tch I f_cked ya n_gga silly
me and my kitties taking over this whole city
seeing me coming he trick 90 now I'm humming
licking ya dummy got ya skeeting over ya tummy
getting ya money ask a n_gga Kane p_ssy sunny
yo Deion a honey one hit n_gga leave it bleeding and runny

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