Pa Landet - Vintersorg

Har i varens och naturen skote
Dit jag flytt fran stadens kvalm och tvang
Har jag stamt med dig, min lyra, mote
Har du ater klinga ma, min sang!
Flora blomsterprydda spiran stracker
Over bladlos skog och naken mark
Strax, vad liv hon med sin trollstav vacker
Vad forvandling i den vida park

Sippor mysa pa den mattan grona
Dar nyss drivan fallt sin sista tar
Tradens kronor, svallande och skona
Sla for varvind ut sitt fagra har
Blaogd kalla ner i dalen leker
Mellan blomstren i sin hogtidsdrakt
Boljan solbeglansta stranden smeker
Rord av vastanvindens ljumma flakt

Och med nyvackt karlek pa sin tunga
Hor jag sangfageln, fri och nojd
An fran toppens spada kvistar sjunga
An sig svinga upp i himmelshojd
I er famn, som mig nyss oppnat blivit
Jag och stamma vill mitt hjartas lov
For det skona som naturen givit
Bli en bard vid hennes rika hov!

[English translation:]

In The Countryside

Here in spring's and nature's bosom
Where I fled from the city's suffocation and compulsion
Here I have arranged with you, my lyre, a meeting
Here may you again resound, my song!
Flora stretches the flower-adorned spire
Over leafless forest and naked land
Soon, what life she wakens with her magic staff
What transformation in the wast park

The anemones beam on the green carpet
Where the drift has just shed its last tear
The trees' crowns, swelling and beautiful
Flop out their fair hair for spring wind
Blue-eyed spring plays down in the dale
Between flowers in its festival attire
The waves caress the sunshone shore
Touched by the west wind's tepid breeze

And with newly awoken love on its tounge
I hear the the songbird, free and happy
Now sing from the top's slender twigs
Now swing up in high sky
In your embrace, which just has became open for me
And I want to voice my heart's praise
For the beauty that nature has given
Become a bard at her rich court!

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