Butterfly - Weezer

Yesterday I Went Outside
With My Momma's Mason Jar
Caught A Lovely B_tterfly

When I Woke Up Today
And Looked In On My Fairy Pet
She Had Withered All Away
No More Sighing In Her Breast
I'm Sorry For What I Did
I Did What My Body Told Me To
I Didn't Mean To Do You Harm
But Everytime I Pin Down What I Think I Want
It Slips Away The Ghost Slips Away

I Smell You On My Hand For Days
I Can't Wash Away Your Scent
If I'm A Dog Then You're A B_tch

I Guess You're As Real As Me
Maybe I Can Live With That
Maybe I Need Fantasy
A Life Of Chasing B_tterfly
I Told You I Would Return
When The Robin Makes His Nest
But I Ain't Never Comin' Back
I'm Sorry I'm Sorry I'm Sorry

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