Falling For You - Weezer

Holy Cow I Think I've Got One Here
Now Just What Am I Supposed To Do
I've Got A Number Of Irrational Fears
That I'd Like To Share With You

First There's Rules About Old Goats Like Me
Hangin' 'round With Chicks Like You But I Do Like You
And Another One You Say Like Too Much

But I'm Shaking At Your Touch
I Like You Way Too Much
My Baby I'm Afraid I'm Falling For You
'n I'd Do About Anything To Get The Hell Out Alive
Or Maybe I Would Rather Settle Down With You

Holy Moly Baby Wouldn't You Know It
Just As I Was Bustin' Loose
I Gotta Go Turn In My Rock Star Card
And Get Fat And Old With You
'cuz I'm A Burning A Candle You're A Gentle Month
Teaching Me To Lick A Little Bit Kinder
And I Do Like You You're The Lucky One
No I'm The Lucky One

Holy Sweet Goddamn You Left Your Cello In The Basement
I Admired The Glowing The Stars
And Tried To Play A Tune'

I Can't Believe How Bad I S_ck It's True
What Could You Possibly See In Little Ol' 3 Chord Me
But It's True You Like Me I Like You Too
I'm Ready Let's Do It Baby

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