Pink Triangle - Weezer

When I'm Stable Long Enough
I Start To Look Around For Love
See A Sweet In Floral Print
My Mind Begins The Arrangements
But When I Start To Feel That Pull
Turns Out I Just Pulled Myself
She Would Never Go With Me
Were I The Last Girl On Earth
I'm Dumb She's A Lesbian
I Thought I Had Found The One
We Were Good As Married In My Mind
But Married In My Mind's No Good
A Pink Triangle On Her Sleeve
Let Me Know The Truth Let Me Know The Truth
Might Have Smoked A Few In My Time
But Never Thought It Was A Crime
Knew The Day Would Surely Come
When I'd Chill And Settle Down
When I Think I Found A Good Old Fashioned Girl
Then She Put Me In My Place
If Everyone's A Little Queer
Can't She Be A Little Straight

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