Surf Wax America - Weezer

The sea is foamin' like a bottle of beer
The wave is comin' but I ain't got no fear
I'm waxin' down so that I'll go real fast
I'm waxin' down because it's really a blast
I'm goin' surfin cuz I don't like your face
I'm bailin' out because I hate the race of
Ratts that run Round and Round in the maze
I'm goin' surfin', I'm goin' surfin'!

You take your car to work
I'll take my board
And when you run out of fuel I'm still afloat
My buddies and their honies all come along
They seem invincible as they surf along
The sea is rollin' like a thousand pound keg
We're goin' surfin', we're goin' surfin!

All along the undertow is strengthening its hold
I never thought it'd come to this Now I can never go home

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